Hail everyone. My name is Payaso, but u can call me Payaso if u like =D

I'm 28 years old, from Portugal. Happily married with a wonderful She-Warrior. Have 2 cats and a dog, that are basically my sons.

I consider myself an Asatru Warrior. I follow the greats AEsir with great admiration, honor and respect.

I train and fight in MMA and my goal its to do a living with it and be the very best.

Me second love its my XBOX. I'm addicted to video games and i play every free time that I have...BOOOOOM!!!!! Headshot! >=D
In case you want to join the carnage
Gamertag: Hail Payaso

Things I like:
Headbang metal music. Concerts. Funny shows. Anime. Manga. Comics. Fights. Games. Exercise. Crossfit. Martial Arts. Punch people in the face. Play with my dog. Hangout with my girl. Ride my motorcycle. And of course, fails and memes.

If u have anything to ask...just ask.

For FB: https://www.facebook.com/hailpayaso